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Not with a bang, but a whimper

At least I hope that's how this job is ending.

I was all set for arguments and drama today with the last bits of projects I was working on giving me trouble, as they have the entire time I've been here. I may make a post later on that gathers all my complaints about this place, sort of a way to bury it all. There was an error in something I'd vetted and I thought there'd be complaints, instead they just assigned it to someone else and told me not to work on it any more.

I had one last thing to do, but it was an project and I don't have much experience with those. I was encountering problems with getting it to load in the editor because it was done in VS2003 with .Net 1.1 and I also have VS2005 with .Net 2.0 loaded and this can cause problems. I worked on troubleshooting it, but while I'd resolved several problems, more kept cropping up. I sent an email detailing this and asking if they wanted me to try to upgrade it and mentioning that I wasn't sure what kind of problems I'd encounter. I've heard nothing. No response at all. I sent the email almost 3 hours ago.

I think they're content at this point to just let me ride out the last few hours. I've around 10 hours left here and then I can put it behind me.

Wish me luck.
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