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There's a spring league that is now nationwide. Tickets are cheap, $10 per person. While the season is almost over, and I need to remember earlier next year, I might want to go to one of the last games this year. There are games on the 14th.
This is the league, the Independant Woman's Football League. They have teams in the area in Holyoke (Hurricanes), Medway (New England Intensity), Manchester (Freedom) and Somerville (Boston Militia). I think Medway has a home game on the 14th. There's also a team in Hamden, CT (Connecticut Cyclones) (and one in Portland, Maine (S. Maine Rebels), but I mention the CT one 'cause they're playing Holyoke and I'm not sure where as the schedule says @Holyoke, but the Holyoke website says they don't have home games those two dates...)

Anyway, I was thinking we could go to the New England Intensity game on the 14th and maybe next year we could go to some of the games in far off Somerville.

Anyone interested?
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