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Because I can't keep track of my own thoughts, chaoticmoth reminded me that I never posted the answer to the "2 truths and a lie" thing I stole from him.

Anyway, here is the answer. Falsehood is in red.

  1. I once had 2000 lbs of steel fall on my legs and I walked away with nothing more than bruises

  2. My grandmother was Joan of Arc

  3. I got out of a speeding ticket by giving the officer donuts

  1. I was working as a temp at a company that provided supplies and componants to the companies that made military jets. My manager asked me to restack some steel that had had one end slide off the stack below it and rest on the floor. Each stack was 2,000 lbs and I couldn't simply lift it, so I took a steel bar and levered it up. Since I had my back to it and was using my legs to assist in providing leverage, they were caught under the steel when the level I was using bent suddenly.
    I managed to step out from under the steel after it had come to rest on my legs and it clanged on the floor behind me. They sent me to the nurse and were quite surprised I was only bruised.

  2. My grandmother was of French Canadian descent. While she used the name Jeanne, her given name was Jeanne d'Arc Gertrude Frappier. She'd be very upset about my telling people her middle name.

  3. The donuts were on the seat next to me and he kept glancing over at them, but I never offered him one. Somehow I didn't get a ticket either.

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