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This past weekend I had my first experience with replacing fuses! The storm knocked out one of the fuses and we didn't notice for awhile because it controlled the lights in the bathroom, the bedroom closet and 1 socket and the sconce-lights in the bedroom. Of course this was the socket the AC was plugged in to, but since it was in the bedroom we didn't notice right away. The house just got hotter and hotter until emilytheslayer said "huh, the AC went out."

I figured it had shut off because of the storm, but I couldn't get it to turn back on, then we noticed the lights didn't work either. I went to check the fuses, knowing in advance thanks to the maintenance man changing the switchbox for our chandelier, that the fuses weren't labeled. I tested aech one in turn and when I found one that didn't shut anything off when I unscrewed it, I figured I'd found the culprit. I pocketed that fuse and headed to Home Depot.

I was in a bit of a hurry since it was 4:30 on a Sunday, but was quite pleased to find that Home Depot stays open until 7PM on Sundays. I'd noticed that half (of 4) the fuses were 15 amps and half were... something else. The other half weren't easily readable, but seemed to say "20". I checked with a Home Depot employee and indeed, they were 20. I also found there are two screw sized on that kind of fuse, fortunately before I left the store. I bought a box of 4 15 amp fuses and a box of 4 20 amp fuses. If we blow another fuse, I'm ready!

I got home and replaced the fuse and voila! ... nothing happened. I was confused. I unscrewed the fuse and put the original back in. Then I thought to try the 4th and final fuse. This one worked! Hooray! I think the top fuse controlled kitchen appliances and lights. The lights weren't on and I couldn't tell if the fridge shut off.

When I looked at the 4th fuse, it was obvious that it was indeed the one that had "blown" as there was a streak dividing the metal piece in the fuse and the metal piece was clearly no longer 1 piece. The AC was turned back on and we had a cool evening. And now I know how to identify and change fuses!
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