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I was very tired

I'll post more about Worldcon later. Yesterday we came home from the con and it was something of an ordeal. We got in a cab to go to the airport at 8 AM (10 AM EST). We arrived home at 1 AM EST today. We were supposed to arrive home around 9 PM yesterday.

If it were just weather problems it wouldn't be so bad. Part of our delay was because they had to reboot the plane. Yes, you read that right, they had to Reboot The PLANE. At first it was just one system they tried to reboot a few times. When that didn't work, they shut off everything in the plane and then turned everything on again in sequence. This too did not work so we all had to get out and get back in again. Seriously. In between our getting out and getting back in, maintenance came and fixed things.

Fortunately our connecting flight was also delayed and we managed to get home without renting a car. Others on our flight, including a family with 2 18 month olds, were not so lucky.

To demonstrate how tired I was, as I was lying in bed, trying to go to sleep, the following popped into my mind.

Why does it take a lot of balls to touch someone in various ways to see if they laugh?

Because they're test tickles.
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