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I think I still have legs...

Ah yes, a job well done. I’ve swept and mopped the second section of my basement. One more to go, but that one won’t be for awhile as I need to wait for people to claim their things. No worries, I have plenty to do in the meantime. Next I set up my Gorm shelving and move comics to the basement nice and high off the floor. I have a ratchet set purchased just for putting shelving together.

Amanda is out test driving and perhaps purchasing her car. She’ll be home late and since she’s off, I’m not only cleaning, I’m making dinner. Just Hormel Roast Beef so it shouldn’t take too long. I’ll wait to heat it up until she gets home. Of course, I have NO idea what to make with it…

There was a wacky play in last nights Tampa Bay Bucs – Indianapolis Colts game. The Colts intercepted a Tampa Bay pass, fumbled the ball, Tampa Bay recovered and ran it for a touchdown. The fantasy site we use is crediting the Tampa Defense with a touchdown, but their defense was on the sideline. Much arguing commenced through the day. It started with discussion of the rules and quickly descended into rigorous name calling. This is what Fantasy Football is really all about.

In the basketball game today I got tangled up trying to cover someone as he ran down court and he ran into me at full speed. Fortunately he’s 1/3rd my size and I rolled with the impact so neither of us was seriously hurt, but between that and several other attempts at moving well have left my lower joints protesting vociferously. Both hips, both knees, my right ankle, my left quadriceps and my right calf were all telling me in no uncertain terms that I should immediately stop using them and wait for further instructions. I ignored them and the pain has mostly subsided. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to ascertain the full extent of the damage.

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