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Morning in America

Kerry looked good, Bush looked bad. Kerry had answers, Bush had mumbling. There was one point where Bush was asking for time to reply as Kerry finished speaking and when he got the time, he stood there staring at the camera with his mouth open.

Remember this, repeat this, don't let the Republicans Lie/Spin this into a win for their guy. He lost, badly.

Want to help keep the media on track? Kerry does. The campaign sent me this letter, making it easier for me to help.

Tonight's debate was a decisive victory for John Kerry because America saw him as our next president. He showed strength, conviction, and a steady command of the facts. He offered clear plans for Iraq and fighting terrorism.

George Bush has a record of failure to defend, and he failed to defend it. The president just gave us more of the same shallow promises.

However, the Republican spin machine is already hard at work. We need your help to beat back their distortions. Right now we need you contact the media and speak your mind.

Contact national media using the link below and remember to emphasize the points above.

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