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You know, I like for the most part. Sure, they buy into the panic over Obama a little too much, but they have columnists I like and tend to run stories I enjoy.

However, they keep publishing Camille Paglia (or Camille Schlafly as I like to call her). Normally I'm fine with a publication printing someone with whom I disagree, but not her. Why? Because she's a liar through and through. She claims to be a liberal, but nothing she says other than "I'm a liberal" shows it. It is the "I'm one of you, don't we just SUCK?" that I object to.

Currently her Trojan Horse article's lead-in is "Palin is a feminist! No, really!" Salon should just publish someone who admits to being a right-winger and be done with it. Yes, she only gets printed once a month, but it still irks me. Be honest about who you are.

It does seem to be of a piece with modern conservatism though. Lie, lie about your lies and if you get caught telling the truth, go lie about it in public. Half the neo-conservatives are ex-Stalinists, but they'd never admit that. It would just be nice if the media were acutally interested in presenting the truth instead of providing a platform for these bastards.
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