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One of the many reasons NPR annoys me.

I was listening to NPR this morning for a few minutes before they pissed me off too much by talking about the "tightening race" and "isn't McCain just super?"

One of the quick news bits at the top of the hour was about Palin's interview. By all accounts she was horrible, however what pissed me off this morning was the way the reporter talked about what she said. At one point he said
"Palin stated she believes humans may be contributing to global warming. In the past she's cast doubt on that."

No, she hasn't. She has no credentials, research or analysis of research where she calls anything into question. She's simply stated that SHE doubts it. This is NOT the same as "casting doubt". When it is phrased that way it implies that she's caused people studying the question to rethink their assumptions or to re-examine their data. All she's done is parrot the empty-headed must-make-money-while-destroying-mankind Right Wing. People can't be the cause or I'd have to change my business practices and that might cost me some of my obscene profits! Where am I going to get the money for my second plane and third trophy wife!?

What a load of shit. NPR has fallen off a cliff in the last decade. They've become just another corporate mouthpiece.
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