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This morning I heard a story on NPR about an ex-Los Alamos employee who quit an became an anti-nuke activist in 1969. In 1980 he opened a store called the Black Hole where he primarily sells surplus Engineering and Scientific equipment from Los Alamos.

Or doesn't sell, really. He runs it like an Army-Navy store and only manages to sell 1% of what he buys at the surplus auctions. He apparently has tons of scientific equipment, in great condition, some like new, sitting in a warehouse and his store. Refractometers, Centerfuges, Vaccum Butterfly valves, Oscilloscopes, Geiger counters, and so on.

I thought "Hey, you know who could use this stuff? Universities! It'd be cheaper than what they normally get and they usually operate under tight budgets."

I then thought "You know who's been telling me he occasionally needs new or replacement equipment? jeffwik."

I just wanted to mention it in case any of you are connected to science departments at your universities.

Or if any of you wanted to start a business buying this stuff from that guy and selling it to universities.
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