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The hard drive in my fancy new computer has... how you say... "shit the bed". It is now a nice brick made of metal and computer boards. Fun!
Apparently Dell is going to replace the HD and send over a technician to replace it for me in 3 to 5 days. Business days.
I could do it myself if they'd get the thing here faster than that. Before I called support I reseated the cables, swapped teh cables one at a time and tried the drive in another computer. I also fucked around with the BIOS. Of course, when I called support they had me fuck around with the BIOS some more, but were satisfied I'd done all the physical things I could do. I've been on the phone with them for well over an hour. Oh, and when I checked the BIOS, I was still able to see the second HD that I'd put in there earlier this week.
They claim the technician they send will be able to recover any data from my brick of a HD. telepresence, is this true? Is it possible to recover data from a HD that isn't even spinning up?
Thank goodness I have the warantee though.
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