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Oh, what idiots

Why would I take their IQ test when they can't even get the teaser questions right?

I was looking at an electoral prediction site when this ad came up under the "quote of the day". These counting things have often amused me, so I counted. How many triangles are there?


Do you see 48 in the answers? Is there one even close?

These are likely the same idiots that have the ads trying to goad you into taking their test with "Bush has an IQ of 140" or "McCain has an IQ of 130" or "Palin has an IQ of 120"
followed by "Are you smarter than him/her"?

They probably make up those numbers. Then again, if those numbers are generated from those people taking these tests? The results might be right, but the questions are wrong.

And yes, I'm aware that it is possibly wrong on purpose to get jackasses like me clicking through to tell them they're wrong. However, I don't care if they know they're wrong.
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