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Copper just woke me up for food and I realized I needed to write this dream down or I'd forget it.

So I'm working with Ryan Stiles, who is maanaging a bar amd he's all excited 'cause he's finally got a chance to quit and act. He's gotten a part as a mad scientist with low impulse control and he's really excited. Sadly he isn't going to be paid for awhile and needs some cash 'cause he can't work at the bar while he's doing the broadway movie.

So he goes up to his office and places an ad for a going out of business sale for his comic store. Of course, he doesn't actually have a comic store, he's really just selling his comic collection at his mom's house, but thinks he'll get a better turnout this way.

Now I'm sitting on my motorcycle in front of a house next door to his mom's place, looking at the badly made, upside-down sign for the sale. In the driveway of the neighbor's house, all on their own motorcycles, is the cast of teh British Who's Line is it Anyway and the Blackhawks. I look left and another motorcycle gamg is riding up to go to the sale. It is Al Pachino's gamg and we're all excited 'cause we know he'll buy a lot of comics.

I'm actually sitting a ways off from either group and apparently in motorcycle culture there's this thing called "ghosting" where you ride up and stop next to someone, staring straight ahead. Then you glance over at them and look them in the eye and ride off. This happens to me while I'm sitting there and I clearly recognize the guy. I hadn't at first 'cause his moustache was a mess with strands of it going everywhere, including up his nostrils, but when he looks away again I know. I ride over as Stiles is about to go help Pachino and I call him back.

""Do you know who just ghosted me?" I yell?
Stiles doesn't care, he wants to go make a sale and Pachino is walking over.
"Hitler! I was just ghosted by Hitler!"
I clearly want something to be done about this, but Stiles isn't listening 'cause Pachino has just said "We're gonna take at least five tigers" and getting rid of his tigers will make Stiles a lot of money.

Clearly a lot of people want to get Hitler 'cause hte scene changes to a darkened room at police headquarters where they're interrogating society-types froma a 1940's party. They're doing this by chaining 2 women and 2 men together, boy-girl, and dropping them into a large tank of freezing water, hauling them out and saying things like "alright, talk!" My point of view at this point is through one of the men and one of the women, though also from outside the tank and the faces of the people are horrifying screams of agony. This is especially horrible 'cause the cops had just hauled us out of a freezing river.

The scene switches again to Robin fighting his way through a buildind. He thinks he's fighting his way to a boss who knows the whereabouts of Hitler, but really he's been hypnotized and doesn't know he's actually performing for the sweet 16 birthday party of one of the gorilla people. She has a huge crush on Robin and has made him believe she's his girlfriend and says she can't wait for the performance part to be over as Robin climbs over a collapsed wall.

That's when Copper woke me.

My apologies for any typos, I'm 1/2 asleep and don't have my glasses on.

Now back to bed.
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