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I'm hoping to leave a little early today as I'd like to get the oil changed in my car without waiting in a long line. I'm getting the car inspected tomorrow and want to get the oil changed first. Naturally, I want to get the car inspected first thing in the morning so I don't have to wait too long at the inspection station which means I have to get my oil changed tonight.

Also, I'm on my way to the comic shoppe today. Normally Wednesday is new comics day, but since Monday was a mail holiday, I'm thinking today is New Comic Day. I'll find out soon!

I got my decals today so I can put the finishing touches on my Panzers and seal them. Then I get to start putting together the other vehicles or start painting the foot soldiers... which will be more fun? I don't think I have the man-bag issues of hagbardc, but they're so tiny! Maybe I'll take a Nazi break and paint my dragon. He's already primed.

Then there's cleaning to do too... That's always so much fun! Maybe I'll clean instead of painting. You all know how I love to clean, so that's probably what'll happen.

No, I have things to do at work, why do you ask?

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