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More Trek Posting

I really don't want to give anything away, so I'll just say that I thought the movie was pitch-perfect. The actors all capture the essence of the characters without trying to imitate the original actors. The sets are beautiful, with one exception. The story was quite good and they had a plausible explanation for why everything is different.

I'd love to see more movies in this universe. I'd love even more to see a new TV series come of it with these same actors.

There is a comic company called IDW that has been putting out various Star Trek mini-series for a few yaers now and I've been buying them all. They just finished a mini-series that was billed as a prequel of the movie and I didn't believe it. I couldn't see how it would tie in and thought it was just an attempt by an obscure little comic company to get some publicity.

Then I saw the movie. In the first few moments of the movie I saw how it tied in and thought "OH!". As a result, I knew a ton of backstory which gets decently explained in the movie, but not with the detail I know. And that too was fun.

EDIT: Oh, and at the end of the screening I got to meet with the person responsible for setting up the screenings and give her my impressions of the movie and apparently, it is all going into her report back to the studio!
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