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Just remember, everything is pointing in Kerry's favor today. Aside from all the polls: The Stock Market is down by over .5% in October, The Nick Kids poll went big to Kerry, Big numbers are turning out and big numbers usually means a Democrat win, and when it doesn't it usually means a challenger's win. Plus! The Packers beat the Redskins and whenever the Redskins lose their last game before an election, the Incumbent loses. PLUS! The Red Sox won the World Series and any time they've won, Woodrow Wilson has been elected President. So be prepared for a surprise.

My big worry has nothing to do with who's going to win. It is how are the Republicans going to try to steal this? The only way I can see to actually make computer voting accurate and safe is for each machine to have three software programs by three independant companies running on it. If they all tally the same, it worked. If one is off, we know who to prosecute. My worry, even with a paper receipt, is that I could easily write a program that gave the results I wanted and still printed a paper receipt that shows how the individual voted. Unless it is contested, we'll never know. Three counters that don't see what the others are doing is the only way.

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