Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!) (lynxreign) wrote,
Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!)


Had a dream I was in Vegas. We were going into a bar and it was a very strange, very busy bar.
First of all, it was a bar/video arcade, full of retro and new games.
Second, when you went in you had to register your gaming group because you were supposed to be in a role playing game the whole time you were in there. Not a LARP, but an RPG. Everyone got a mike hooked up to a computer and a palmtop with the rules. When you said something that required a die roll, the computer rolled for you. The group could split up and still be in touch over the mikes.
Third, it was also a karaoke bar.
There were also live concerts going on, a restaurant and a video-game break dancing contest going on.
At some point in the dream I wandered over to the break-dancing video game where a_akimbo and his mom were destroying the competition. I was unable to beat them even after figuring out how to game the system.
After the break dancing, we all went to dinner with some other people we met at the club. We were at the restaurant in the club. Devo was playing (see Song of the Day today) and we were talking about music. At some point a_akimbo declared he knew everything there was to know about every glam band ever. Unfortunately for him, he didn't know we were having dinner with Brian May. A contest ensued that a_akimbo lost. Then Brian May and I talked about astrophysics. And I woke up.
Tags: dream, music, vegas

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