Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!) (lynxreign) wrote,
Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!)

Benny Goodman

Sing Sing Sing - Benny Goodman

One of the greatest and most important concerts of all time. This concret "legitimized" popular music for the first time in America and the West. This incarnation of the Benny Goodman Orchestra brought together some of the best musicians of the time, including Lionel Hampton and Gene Krupa. Goodman was also known for insisting that black and white performers be allowed to play together and the same held true for this concert.

Also, I forgot to mention the main reason I posted this now.
Last Saturday was the 100th anniversary of Benny Goodman's birth.

I got to see him play live when I was a kid in NJ.
Tags: history, song of the day

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