Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!) (lynxreign) wrote,
Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!)

A Posty Morning

I was reading Newsweek here at work and I strongly suggest people read it this week. Stephen Colbert is the guest editor and he's quite hilarious. He took over the Editorial, displays his "edited" version of the back page opinion piece and replaced all the letters in the reader's letters with fake letters from him that he'd "written over the years, but hadn't gotten published."

My favorite of his letters include the one from 1933 that notes he hasn't been born yet and the one from the 80s congratulating Reagan on his invasion of Grenada. He says that'll put these tiny island nations on notice that they can't invade the USA. He closes that with "Trinidad, I'm looking at you! (Tobago, we're still good)"

He also mocks Time a few times, not least of which when he claims he killed what would have been Newsweek's headline "Hey, Have You Heard About This Thing Called 'Twitter?' "
Tags: humor, news, trinidad

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