Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!) (lynxreign) wrote,
Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!)

I want that hour back!

Amanda is currently squishing up some weird green thing with a big pit. It looked really icky and she’s going to EAT it!

aidosaur pointed out that the Shonen Knife concert is in Brooklyn. I knew this, but naturally forgot to tell her. Since she mentioned this, every few hours my brain goes "NO! SLEEP! 'TILL BROOKLYN!!!" Joy.

I had to go through the old version of the program I’m rewriting at work today. Someone had gotten an error in that crappy old program and I had to wade through the code and figure out why. These idiots seem to have tried to make it as complicated as possible just to see what they could do. Creating objects where they don’t need to, functions where the code is only used once, and setting every value as variable = ""+variable. Why? I have NO freaking idea.

Plus, they seem to love the idea of #Include statements and putting code in the included file and putting includes in the includes which means that you end up with the same code in the page multiple times. No wonder every page takes so long to load. Since the code is in the includes it also means that Interdev gets all the assistance colors wrong while you’re editing.

And the design is all wrong too. There are hundreds and hundreds of entries in this database and the home page for the site shows ALL of them every time. The search function consists of the Find feature in IE. Buncha freakin’ geniuses they are. Anyone that is thinking they could never get a job in IT because it is too hard, remember that these idiots are your competition.

Anyway, the reason there was an error was that if the Installer field wasn’t filled in, the identifying id wasn’t passed. The Installer field wouldn’t be filled in if the user didn’t enter information into the TESTER field. Why? Who knows! Probably not even the morons that programmed this. Took me hours to figure out what was going on and to realize that the solution wasn’t a programming solution. Normally it would be, but since I’m redoing the entire site, there’s no point. Except that they won’t test the site, so I can’t put it into production, so we keep using the old crappy one that I can’t fix because we’re using my new one as soon as they test it. I’ve only been waiting six months for that, so we’re zooming along.

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