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That was quite a bit of fun. I got to meet people I'd only known vaguely through LJ, like daharyn and tupelo and misia and more.

Speaking of which, tupelo, A friend of mine chaoticmoth is trying to put together a cd of Heavy Metal for small kids and you know the realm of Metal far better than I. If you have the inclination, I'm sure your help would be appreciated. No obligation whatsoever.

The drive to VA was decent except for the part between South DC and Fredericksburg. That part took around 3 hours. And I was literally run off the road by a tractor trailer. I wasn't hit, but it was a close thing indeed. The driver had to swerve into my lane to avoid destroying several cars that stopped in front of him because of traffic. I was forced to go on the shoulder quite quickly. I then flipped him off. When I pulled abreast of him again, he rolled down his window and apologized sincerely and profusely. I then spent the next 3 hours going 30 miles. The entire trip took 8 hours.

I found 1 good new album from my pile of cheap cds on the way down: The Rumble Bees. Very silly.

The food was wonderful despite space_mice deciding to make all the creamed corn in the world. : -) It was good creamed corn too, I just worry that I'm going to be finding bags of it hidden in my car or mailed to me.

It was really nice seeing D&R again too. I'm hoping one or both joins LJ soon.

After I came home I got to see joncwriter who hadn't left quite yet and urnesha which was quite nice.

Monday I dropped urnesha at the train station, returned home to nap and was woken three times by soliciters on the phone. Each time I was dreaming that I was with an interesting, pretty woman and I was just about to find out how she felt about me when the phone rang. I never did find out.

I managed to further spread the mental disease that is Strindberg and Helium. I am pleased.

I shall post more about the weekend as I think of it.

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