Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!) (lynxreign) wrote,
Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!)

Copley Street Theatre

I walked over to the bank with my co-worker to get a breath of fresh air and we were lucky enough to catch the 3:00 performance of Crazy People on the Street

It all started when a woman, whether drunk or otherwise "not right in the head" was yelling at some black teenagers a few benches away. They ignored her until she "used the N word". Then they started yelling back. She started yelling that she would fight the three of them. To their credit, they declined this simply choosing to yell at her a little more. Then another woman, who didn't seem to be with any of the current participants, came over and pushed the yelling woman.

The yelling woman pushed back and started yelling at this woman instead. The woman who came over to push this woman then left while the other woman yelled at her. A few seconds later, two white guys, one large, one medium sized, seemingly unrelated to anyone who's been involved so far walk over to the yelling woman. They and another person or two swirl around one-another until yet another medium sized white guy walks quickly over from the direction of the blakc youths and punches the other meduim sized white guy in the face.

The punchee falls to the ground, the puncher whirls 180 degrees and walks away past the black youths who have been ignoring the whole thing since the yelling woman stopped yelling at them. The punchee gets up, is handed a backpack from the large guy and puts it on and then the two of them walk quickly away on a path that is an acute angle to the puncher, taking them to a different block. The punchee yells "I'm calling the cops" to no-one in particular and it is all over.

I'd love for this to all be part of some elaborate sting or spy operation, but I think it was just "Crazy People in Copley"
Tags: boston, crazy

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