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Another made up recipe

I had 3.5 chicken breasts left from the package after making some grilled chicken for emilytheslayer and I earlier this week so I decided to make a dinner. ioianthe and rayan4d2 came over and helped us eat my concoction.

I started by trimming and dicing the chicken and then marinating it for a few hours. The marinade was 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar, 1/4 cup lemon juice and 1/4 cup lime juice. I also added a little salt and a generous amount of powdered garlic and black pepper.

While this was sitting in the fridge, I diced yukon gold potatoes in large chunks and a yellow onion in smaller slices and put them in a casserole dish. I seasoned them with salt, rosemary, garlic and pepper, put a little butter on the top and set them in the oven at 475 for around an hour. Next time, use Pam on the dish first as they stuck a little.

While the potatoes were roasting, I sliced summer squash, seasoned with salt and pepper and grilled them. While they were grilling, I cut up some bell peppers, diced another yellow onion in smaller pieces, cut up 2 jalapenos and set them aside.

Then emilytheslayer and I shucked the corn and got it ready for boiling as one of our sides. The other was just cherry tomatoes and required little preparation. I then diced the grilled summer squash in around the same size pieces as the potatoes.

Then I poured the chicken and marinade into a frying pan and let it start to cook. When the marinade started to boil, I poured it off into a bowl for later use and put the chicken back on the stove. After a few minutes of browning (it is really hard to tell when it is browned after it has steeped in balsamic vinegar) I put in the prepared vegetables.

I cooked this for awhile and then took the potatoes out of the oven and mixed in the chicken and vegetables and put it all back in the oven. At ioianthe's suggestion, I then reduced the leftover marinade. I was just going to pour it in the dish. rayan4d2 poured a bit into a mug and added flour and returned the mixture to the pan as a thickening agent. We then poured the result into the casserole and mixed, returning it to the oven for another 10 minutes.

I steamed/wilted/whatevered some spinach and by now the corn was done, so we took the casserole dish out and I placed the spinach on top.

The jalapeno contrasted with the citrus of the marinade. While still good, perhaps those two shouldn't be combined next time. The nice thing was that nothing in particular was very spicy, but the jalapeno kick was present in the whole dish leaving you wonder just why your mouth was burning.

We had cantaloupe and pineapple and strawberries for dessert and that killed the spice heat nicely.

This dinner also helped my goal to eat more corn on the cob while it is in season.

All in all, not a bad seat-of-the-pants dish. I have some ideas for what to try next time.
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