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Weekend and today

We started the weight loss contest again. I hope it helps. Amanda’s going to help with cooking and such, so we’ll see. I really want to get into shape. I’m thinking losing weight will help me jump like Jack.
Aku: You can fly!
Jack: No! Jump Good!

Had a bad fantasy football week and the Packers lost a game they should have won : -(
Took Amanda to the airport early Sunday morning (6:30) and came back and slept. Sat was spent mostly shopping so Amanda wouldn’t be naked in AZ.

I’m going to see garrity this weekend! I look forward to the drive and the visit, even if she is going to beat me for the link I put on her lj. I was provoked! She mentioned the moon!

Got a haircut today from the roughest haircutter I’ve ever had cut my hair. I thought she was trying to rip my ears off with the comb. Ah well, it is done and I should be good for a few months.

If only I could remember what I wanted to do today…

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