Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!) (lynxreign) wrote,
Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!)


I was on my way to a game show championship as a participant when I was kidnapped. Later in the dream I discovered that it was by some group in Dubai, where the championship was to be held. I awoke (in the dream) from my kidnapping in a helicopterand was landing in a freezing climate. I was dressed for the weather and was put off the helicopter with no instructions, but I knew I was now supposed to be working for them on some kind of secret mission.

I found a cabin on a small frozen lake and got ready to spend the night there. Part way through the night some other people showed up and also went to sleep in the cabin. I then remembered that I'd seen a movie where terrorists blew up the ice on the lake so the people sleeping on the lake would drown, so I went to shore and slept there. Sure enough, no sooner did I get to sleep than the lake blew up and everyone on it, in and out of the cabin, drowned.

Apparently this group of terrorists was a Swedish Bikini team, clad in fur-lined bikinis and wearing big, warm hats, gloves and boots. They captured me and sent me on a bus with a bunch of other people to the Supreme Leader's headquarters where I'd work for them as a spy. We had to sing rousing songs representing the Leader's greatness on the way. Apparently they were all 80s songs, but Supreme Leader knows better than I do what represents his greatness.

When I got there, I started looking for a way to escape. I'd been looking for ways all along, but I hadn't found one until now. There was a woman that I met who was an American operative and she was willing to help me escape. After a LONG escape sequence in which everyone on my side died, I was poised at a large door. If I got through the door I was free! Or so I thought.

When I got through the door, it turned out it was all a setup to determine my loyalty to the Supreme Leader. I had failed. My punishment was to be sent to a giant mall and eat local cuisine with another agent. The food was weird, including shellfish, beef fat, prawns and yams, each as a separate dish. I checked the waiter's reaction to each of these foods and he was disgusted to a degree by all but the yams. I only ate the yams and passed the test! The agent and I then had a nice chat about why I didn't want to work for the Supreme Leader and how I could get home. And I woke up.

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