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A fine Monday

I woke up late with a list of things I wanted to get done. hagbardc called. Bye bye list.

He came over and we went to try to find a hobby store he'd heard of. Lately he's been more obsessed with hobby stores than game stores. It is all because of the miniatures. We went down to route 124 and, thanks to the messed up signs, left it by accident. Fortunately, I suspected this and knew the area somewhat because I used to work in the area.

We ate at the Huck Finn diner, which is just down the road from the Mark Twain diner. These diners are naturally named this way because Twain was actually writing about the Raratin River, not the Mississippi. An editor changed it because the Mississippi is bigger and better known. Plus, he liked double letters.

Anyway, we had a fine meal with no X-Mas music being played. They played some good 50s/early60s music including the original of Yeh Yeh that They Might Be Giants cover on Mink Car. Rtrockel disclosed his amature status as an eater after pouring gravy over a meatloaf sandwich that was clearly meant for dunking. I simply ate too much. I did manage to not eat everything I ordered, but then I ordered way too much.

Sadly the diner people didn't really know the roads in the area either, so on a hunch, we drove back the way we had come and found 124 again. Fortunately, I now know an easier way to get to the store. We did find the store; it was closed. (Taking a shot at the use of a semi-colon there; likely a wrong one.)

The store is closed Mondays and Mondays only. We'll try to go back next time Rtrockel has the day off. Since we were thwarted in our attempt to get crap we don't need, we went to Comp USA and I bought a USB 2.0 hub. The minions didn't really know what the specs were in the devices, but they gave me enough of a hint to let me find it on my own and I was able to determine which of the seemingly identical, but differently priced hubs I needed. The cheaper one! Yay!

When we got back to my place, Rtrockel went home. When emmalyon got home, we had meatloaf for dinner. Truly a meatloafy day.

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