Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!) (lynxreign) wrote,
Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!)

Movie game

Some friends are playing a game where they take two movies with a shared word in the title and describe the merged movie. Your job is to guess the movie title. I am terrible at guessing the answers, but once it was mentioned I couldn't stop trying to think of movies. I feel bad posting new challenges when I can't think of answers, but here goes anyway.

  1. After exploring alien ruins, bringing back to Earth a robot and a scientist's daughter, they discover human's are now slaves of another species
  2. A man on death row with the power of healing others discovers that his last meal is people
  3. A pet gorilla, raised in Africa is brought back to the States where he is exploited until he teams up with Billy the Kids and other outlaws. Though they try to provide justice in a murder, they're hunted down by the law
  4. Though imprisoned in the 1700s, she uses her magical powers to escape and love changes her into a good person, then she rides around having adventures with her Orangutan (Emily says I should mention there's a homophone in there)
  5. Two reporters, once married, fall in love again while chasing the same story. Later, she switches bodies with her daughter.
  6. A white lawyer defends a black man in court in the South in the 30s, years later he tries to keep his sons from revealing where his money is to 3 strippers in the desert, not knowing the women are cold-blooded killers

Some of these are likely too obscure, but I love the movies.
I've seen this game before, I only remember it because of the great Logan's Run Lola Run title.

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