Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!) (lynxreign) wrote,
Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!)


I really think the next time we move I want to move and set up all the furniture first so that when we move the boxes there's someplace to put the things we unpack.

I've donated (still in the back of the car actually, who knew Goodwill would be closed on Easter? Or anything would be closed, really? The Burlington Mall was closed!) one box of "why did we move this" and am starting another. Got a good amount recycled, got my new desk almost all put together. Almost because I had a bright idea of using a metal plate to attach two sections instead of putting in one of the standard legs and the screws I got from Home Depot are just too long.

2 new dressers put together, the landlord's broken coat rack is thrown away, a shelving unit for shoes it put together and I've started hanging the new, wall-mounted coat racks.

Kitchen is almost all unpacked, but I feel like I'll be saying that for another month. I'm just not sure where to put some things.

The bedroom is pretty well done, just bookshelves left to do in there and I'm not entirely sure what'll go on them anyway. Plus whatever art we want to hang there.

I need to find the camera again so I can put things on craigslist/ebay.

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