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I’m now officially exhausted. I played basketball today and when I got home I tried to ride the exercise bike. I got through ½ hour and realized I simply couldn’t continue. I have a little more exercise that I want to do, but I’ll do that later.

head58 suggested I go to This site, scroll around ½ way down, maybe a little more and watch the video by The Darkness. It is very funny and nothing like for those of you that are afraid I’ll send you there again. I hope that if you use the above link, you don’t have to sit through a 1 minute animated thing for the Red Sox. If you do, I’m sorry. Unless you’re inochinoakari in which case you’ll probably like it.

I’ve been making fun Access database things at work lately. It is fun. Plus, I get to switch between that and the boring internet thingie I’m doing which, while boring, is at least something to do. I’m working a few extra hours in the beginning of this week so I can leave early on Friday to go visit garrity.

If anyone has any hints on how to get in shape magically overnight, I’d like to hear them.

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