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Badly run

As many of you know, I'm currently collecting unemployment. This is a service I pay into when I work, not just through standard taxes, but through an extra NJ deduction. As such, I'm appaled it is this badly run. I had to go in for an orientation on the services they provide. Fine. Watch a video, go on a short tour, fill out some paperwork, go home. No problems.

Today I had to go through another orientation. Watch the SAME video, fill out the SAME paperwork and ONE additional form. Everyone had to fill out the additional form the same way, write down what the guy says. What is the point of going at all? Just send me the form already filled out!

This form indicated what "training" I'd been signed up for. Everyone that didn't have a magical "get out of jail free" card had to take the same training. The people with the card were told they could go. Why did they have to go in in the first place? To be told they didn't have to come in? Ludicrous!

Along with the other people that didn't have an out (belonging to a union, being a seasonal worker) or just flat out lie (have you done this in the last 3 years) I was told to report next Thursday for Resume Writing and Interviewing skills. The former began at 9, the latter at 1. This is an ALL DAY EVENT. What a waste of time. Why have us come in today if they weren't going to individually assess what we might need? My resume writing is fine, agencies love it, and my interviewing skills are excellent. They don't ask to find out what assistance I might benefit from, these are just 2 more lectures.

I was a little pissed when it was time for each of us to individually hand in our forms. No questions, no further assessment, just hand them in one at a time. When I asked if there was any way I could get out of this, I was ruder than I should have been, but it did get me out of having to go. Apparently my "poor attitude" was enough for him to decide I wouldn't get anything out of it. Lets see if any detrimental side-effects come of this now.

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