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Die Wochenende

Ah, weekend. There was a great deal of driving, but it was wonderful. garrity, WonderJoe and WildWoman were gracious hosts. The night I got there, we had yummy Indian food. The next day we went for a walk on Belle Isle, helped WildWoman throw rocks in the river (she’s wee), had the best pizza I’ve had outside the Northeast, went to a record store where I was able to buy some cheap, strange vinyl and for dinner WonderJoe made a great Greek Stew. Mmmmmmmm… We watched Kung Pow (Enter the Fist) and while WonderJoe liked it, I don’t think Garrity did. That’s two I’ve picked that she didn’t care for.

Sunday I had French Bread and leftover Tikka Masala sauce, then Garrity and WonderJoe made homemade naan and I had that with the sauce. Yum! All this plus fun hanging out with old friends. Even though their new location is only an hour less drive (including traffic) it is still a much better drive than through PA.

Today we played basketball again. It is starting to get colder, so I don’t think we’ll be able to much longer. Ah well. On the bright side I got tons of exercise. I also got some things accomplished both at work and away. Naturally I managed to design the query I needed to create once I was home. Stupid Brain! Work on schedule!

Actually, even the drive was fun. I listened to music on the way there and football on the way home. I was likely the only driver out there that was happy where he was.

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