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We wanted to go to 2 shows tonight, both at Maxwells. The first was an opening band and The Queers, the second was two opening bands and Shonen Knife. We got to see the first, missed the second. The second was sold out. We got to the venue just as The Queers were starting the show so we paid $10, saw them and left. If we'd just gotten the tickets when we found they were playing, I'd be watching Shonen Knife right now. Ah well, let that be a lesson to me.
The Queers were really good. They opened with a Ramones cover, did a few of their songs, played a Mr. T Experience song and played more of theirs. They played every song I wanted to hear including Punk Rock Girls (which they dedicated to Shonen Knife), You're Tripping, I Don't Wanna be a Granola Head, I Hate Everything, I'm OK you're Fucked and a few others. Towards the end I was thinking the only thing they hadn't played that I really wanted to hear was Ursula's Finally Got Tits and they played it. I left a happy man, dissapointed only by not seeing the second show. I'd seen Shonen Knife before but never seen The Queers, so it all worked out.

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