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Perchance to dream!

had an interesting dream this morning. Rich, Bunny and I were going to Pete's for a day of gaming. At the same time, Keiko's entire family was coming down to visit her. We get to Petes, without Rich and say "Where's Rich?" Pete throws up his hands and says "Bah! I don't know". Where's Keiko and her family? Same reaction.
With further questioning, Keiko and her family have gone somewhere. Rich has gone to Japan to visit Keiko's grandfather who didn't come along. We decide we're going to have to go get Rich, so the three of us pile into the car and drive to Schenectedy, which is where Japan is.
When we get there, Rich has lost Keiko's grandfather, so it now turns into an anime-like quest to find him before Keiko finds out. Naturally, some lovely Japanese women come along to help us as they know Keiko somehow.
When we find him, he is standing perfectly still, so we have to carry him back on our shoulders as he is stiff as a board. He remains this wany until everyone has gotten home except me and the two women who are carrying him, at which point he draws his sword and starts attacking us. I subdue him by being respectful and we take him the rest of the way back where he sits down and starts watching tv with everyone else and we're all very nervous because it is obvious he's been posessed by an evil demon.
Later, when we've all gathered outside for a Luau and Kabuki theatre, we hear rumblings from Grandfather's Samurai that they don't think the outsiders should be here. Fortunately, I am ready when they attack. They manage to kill most of my men, but I hold them off using a strange combination of katana, karate and cappiero (the Briazillian dancing/fighting style). I protect us and the women that were helping us and we made our escape.

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