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Shonen Knife

That was such a busy weekend. Friday I went to work early and left early to pick up emmalyon at the airport. Her flight actually came in a little early and her luggage was ready quickly so I got there a few minutes late. She and I went home, spent a short while settling in (she did, I sat about) and then we went to pick up aidosaur and belcantin at the train station in Manhattan. We then went to Rutt’s Hutt on the way home. Delicious deep-fried hot dogs, chili, onion rings, bread pudding and pretty much anything else you can think of. Yum, yum, yum.

After dinner, we returned here and watched videos on the internet and some Bollywood musical numbers and parts of Elephant Parts, especially the Pirate alphabet. John then arrived and we made the living room into a sleeping quarters and all went to bed; emmalyon and I upstairs in our own rooms.

The next morning, John got up early to go to work and the rest of us arose later and had donuts and bagels. I then took dhio and belcantin to dhio’s house where she got her car and they wandered about aimlessly for several hours. Come to think of it, she never did tell me what they did for those three hours. Anyway, they returned around 4, John came back a little later and then at 7 we all piled into the Gamefinder and went to Southpaw in Brooklyn.

I’d never been to this club before and was pleasantly surprised. Nicely laid out, clean, good neighborhood and good acoustics. We got there around 15 minutes late and somehow missed the first band! Traffic through the Holland Tunnel was worse than I expected and we go there around 9:15. The web site said “Doors open at 8:30, show starts at 9:00” and yet we missed The Newborn Naturals. Now that I look at the web site, it says “8 pm”. Very strange.

Anyway, There were FOUR opening bands before Shonen Knife! We got to see three of them so we paid $3.75 per band instead of $3. Still a great deal. As I said, we missed the Newborn Naturals, the only NYC band. The other three were from Detroit with Shonen Knife from Osaka, naturally.

The first band was The Henchmen and they were good, not great, but good. I was pleased to see the keyboard player was using a Moog from the early 70s. Emmalyon was happy to see that the lead guitarist was an EMO-looking guy. Also happy that he kept bumping into her after their set.

Before the second band The Gore Gore Girls came on, there was a song I liked playing on the speakers. I said to emmalyon that I hoped the next band was the one that did that song, and they were! No idea how I guessed, but I’m pleased I did. They were a fun band and good enough that I got their CD.

After this band, we went and bought Shonen Knife T-Shirts and CDs and that’s when I got the Gore Gore Girls CD as well. I couldn’t remember if I’d promised anyone a T-Shirt and toyed with the idea of getting one for everyone that might want one, but that’d have come to over $300, so I didn’t get them. To anyone I promised a shirt, I’m very sorry.

The third band was quite drunk by the time they took the stage. The Paybacks consisted of a generic drummer and bassist, the geekiest guitar player I’ve ever seen and a woman guitarist/lead singer. She wouldn’t stop talking about how she and the women in the audience and in the other band “need horse-cock.” I think she has some issues. They were an ok, generic band, the least memorable of the three opening bands we saw.

Then, SHONEN KNIFE!! They were amazing, everything I’d hoped for. The old bassist has left the band, so they have a new drummer and the old drummer became the new bassist. The bassist and lead guitarist like to walk to the front of the stage and “headband” in a synchronized manner. They also play the songs from the albums with a twist, they don’t just try to sound like the record and that’s what makes a live show great for me.

They only played 3 songs from their new album. Songs I remember from old albums that they played are Flying Jelly Attack, Sushi Bar, Lazy Bones, Top of the World and Twist Barbie. There were more, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. They did Sushi Bar as a sing-along. If I got any names wrong, I’m sorry.

The odd thing was that there was no mosh pit. None! Is it just that this was an incredibly nerdy audience or is slam dancing now passé? I feel old. Shonen Knife is appropriate music for such dancing, but I suppose kids these days have no interest in such things.

After the show, we went to the Tick Tock Diner, the greatest diner in the world. We got back here at around 3 AM and that’s after setting the clocks back an hour. Dhio and belcantin left right away, John slept on the floor and I went to bed, not to get up until noon the next day. Quite an enjoyable weekend.

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