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This morning I had a very long and involved dream about getting people to properly make coffee flavored gelato for Kate. I suppose this is what I get for watching an episode of Chef followed by the end of Woman of the Year just before going to bed.
I was worried I wouldn’t remember it but when I woke up in the morning, before I got out of bed, I sat up and said “Here, kitty kitty, kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty”. I don’t think that’s what helped me remember it though since Copper then jumped up on the bed and started meowing because she wanted to be fed and I was calling her.

I was happy to discover that our second PBS station shows British comedies. I saw, as I mentioned, an episode of Chef and for the first time I saw an episode of Coupling. An American version of this will apparently premiere soon based on the British version which is based on Friends. I was pleased to discover that it British version was quite funny. Odd but funny.

I have to remember to buy the Soundtrack to A Mighty Wind and look into getting something by Jimmy Rogers. I think that’s his name. I should probably make sure that’s who I want before purchasing anything, unless of course, I find it for $1…

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