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Copper has succsesfully been taken to the vet and home again. She'll likely not forgive me for awhile. She's had her shots updates and I like her new vet. This vet is only 1/2 mile away, so Copper had to spend less time in transport. She does indeed have a urinary tract infection, as I thought. The vet was impressed when she was trying to describe the gap in Copper's teeth and I said "between the canine and carnasial?". I thought that was amusing. I got a suspicious "How do you know that?" out of her.

Now I have to give Copper oral antibiotics twice a day for 2 weeks. Fun fun fun. At leas they showed me how to "burrito" her and I'll feed her right after so she doesn't try to hide.

Had a lively visit with kevnes and gailee. They showed up yesterday and we had a meal at Longhorn. Once again, the Chocolate Stampeed defeated a couple that dared attempt it. We also played the lovely Movie game Kevnes invented. hagbardc came over and a good time was had by all, despite Rtrockel desperately needing a haircut. I can't believe he goes out in public like that, much less to work!

Today I took Gailee and Kevnes to Ikea! They survived. It is indeed a mammoth store. Fortunately, they got a snake and rat there as well as some fudge! They have already continued on to their next NJ visit. I'm sorry they couldn't stay longer, maybe next time!

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