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All Hallows Eve

Some links I've grown to love:


Stop nonsense in its tracks

Brothers, can’t live with ‘em, can’t shoot ‘em. There is no-one I argue with more vehemently, no-one that can piss me off quite as much. Then again, there’s no-one that tries quite as hard to piss me off. Once again, basketball is what triggered the fight, not watching, playing. Yes, I understand it is surprising someone of my size can play basketball, but I never said I play it well. He refuses to acknowledge that he’s ever at fault for a foul, calls me for everything he can, whether it happens or not and calls me a liar when I say he fouls. We’ve pretty much talked it out, but posting this will help me not be pissed any more. No-one else complains like he does out there and everyone covers everyone else at some point.

OK, I’m done.

emmalyon said she’s going to spend tonight watching scary movies and asked me not to show her my new chainsaw and hockey mask when I get home late. I guess I’ll have to show her tomorrow. Honestly, I’m looking forward to tomorrow just because Halloween will be over and pumpkins will be devoted to their higher purpose – making pies. I don’t care for costumes and there’s too much candy lying about.

In the meantime, no beer and no TV make LynxReign something something…

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