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License to Ill

OK, so it isn't a license to Ill, it is just my driver's livense. I went to get it renewed today and was prepared for disaster. After all, I waited for the end of month when it'd likely be very busy AND NJ now has that new point system where you have to bring everything that may possibly identify you as you. I had my passport, my old driver's license, my Social Security card, a utility bill with my name and address on it, my bank statement, a check sent to me from the State of NJ with my address on it and several books with which to bide the time. All but the last were to make sure I hit the points required by NJ.

I walked in at around 11:55 AM, lunchtime, also a bad time to go to the DMV right? I was immediately handed a form and told to fill it out. After I presented it all filled out, I was given a number and told to stand on line. I presented my identifications to a woman that verified you should be standing in line and was told I had the proper ID and points to stand in the line. I handed my papers to a woman behind the counter who had me sign a touchpad and took my picture. She showed me my signature and picture so I could redo either if I didn't like the way they looked. I then went to put my papers back in my wallet and pocket and walked back to the counter to get my new, silly looking license. I walked back to my car, looked at the clock and saw it was 12:08. I didn't even have time to crack my book!

On the way back I listened to an album by the Old 97's.

And if my heart was a car

You would have stripped it down and sold it off
To the greasy man in the salvage lot
As it is it's just a heart
it ain't worth nothin'

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