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No Plankton in My Shoes

Another lovely link

Karl Marx in the Land of the Yellow Submarine My Thanks to qahawthorne for that one.

Another Saturday of running about doing noting. I've mailed garrity her package, lets hope it is satisfactory. emmalyon now has her TV (sans co-axial cable, time for a trip to Radio Shack) and it all started with another trip to the dump to drop off recycling. I truly enjoy doing that for some reason.

Last night was spent at my brothers playing an entire preseason for 2 teams in Madden 2004 on the X-Box. That's 8 games, trading, free agents and training camp. I got home at around 3:00 AM. Fun, but tiring.

Today, I'll grill dinner in the dark, put together some more shelving in the basement, move the last of my stuff from emmalyon's room and download music from I'll let everyone know how my experience with the site goes. I know that blueokaku has used it in the past and had nothing bad to say, but that's it so far. My mother was intending to use it, but says the files are far too large for dial-up connections.

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