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Epic Dream

At the earliest point in the dream I can remember, I'm walking along the streets of Vegas at night with a friend. I don't remember his name, though I knew it in the dream, but he's medium high, chubby, bald and black. We're looking for a woman I know (in the dream). For some reason, I stop to put change in the parking meter and it starts paying off in physically very small coins. Before I know it, I have my right arm pressed up against my body to hold all the money and it is full. I can't hold any more and the machine is still paying off. My friend has wandered off, but comes back at this point and I ask him for something to hold the money in. He turns to where another parking meter should be and, this being Vegas, they've provided for exactly this kind of situation. Strangely the containers they provide are the bags you get at the grocery store for fruits and vegetables.
My friend holds the bag open while I pour the money in and then he goes to get the rest of it that it lying on the ground. When he's done, he points at three small stacks of coins on the ground and says "those are yours." I get really mad and kick one of the stacks, sending the coins flying. I calm down, pick up the other two stacks and the only two coins I can find from the third. I put them in the bag. He carries the nearly full bag and I say to him "that's not your money. Have I ever done you wrong? Hell, I drove you all the way down here without ever asking for gas money or tolls." He starts to look chagrined and I say "You've got a choice. We can split the money, which is fair, or you can use that money to get yourself a cab home." He apologizes and everything is fine between us again, because we've gotten where we're going.
We arrive at a roll-up warehouse door, which he opens. We're expecting the place to be empty as we often like to go here to help ourselves to its contents, but there's a large pile of tote bags in the entrance. They are made of a thick, red, plush material, like a rug. And the pile is moving. Turns out it is a blonde model of some sort getting something she dropped in the pile. There's a reception/party going on in here and we're not going to be able to take what we want. I drop the bag of change into one of the bags and he goes off to investigate. While I'm waiting for him, I watch the amusing antics of the party-goers. Much of it involves kissing this one woman who is reeling between the clusters of people. I consider kissing her myself, but decide it best to remain unobtrusive.
My friend comes back and starts to explain what is going on, but is distracted by a large, ladybug shaped backpack crawling up his back. He stops it and discards it, but as he does, one starts attaching itself to my back and I can't get it off. I'm asking him for help, but he doesn't seem to hear me. I start to panic as I feel it start to attach metal tendrils to my back. Just as the metal arms start to connect in front, a diamond shaped machine appears in the air above me, a ruby colored light comes out of its lowest point, envelops the backpack and the backpack disintegrates. I was unharmed because white metallic walls appeared around everything that was to be disintegrated first. Afterward the walls disappear. I discover I now have a friend/servant machine called Vanguard.
From the warehouse, we get into our starship (where we seem to be incidental crew/passengers) and rendezvous in orbit with the Defiant. After engaging in some precision Warp maneuvers and wormhole travel, we arrive at our destination and beam down to the planet and another warehouse. On this warehouse's roof, there are some bad guys that are evidently after us and I can see them through the window. My friend thinks we're just doing reconnaissance, but I realize I have Vanguard to help me now. I call attention to myself as my friend is calling me crazy. 5 HUGE mean looking guys come out and act menacingly. I ask Vanguard politely to fix the situation and all 5 are bathed in a soft yellow light. Then a door opens in space in front of one of them. The door is oddly shaped, but the boss of the bad guys tells them not to be wimps and go through. They do and when they come out, they're walking like automatons and their eyes are glowing strangely, the same color as the light they were bathed in.
They're no longer any threat to us, so I ask Vanguard to bring us "to where we were". Somehow I've gotten separated from my friend and have another friend with me now who is vague and nondescript. Before Vanguard transports us, I say, "no, the other place" and he transports us somewhere else.
The somewhere else is a GIANT mall. The mall is filled with empty shops and a robot or two. I should say the shops are empty of people, but full of merchandise. Also inside the mall is an endless maze of escalators and moving sidewalks. It is almost escher-like. You never have to get off the escalators to move about. Some are like slides, others are level and covered in comfy couch cushions. When we arrive at one of the latter, I figure I'm tired and since there's no-one else in the mall, I can lie down on the cushions and ride like that while the main robot tells us about how the mall came to be this way. He's been talking since we came in and has been telling us a tale of how people don't come to the mall because they used all their wealth in creating it. The largest mall in the universe. Now, not only do the people not have the money to go to the mall, they are depressed and don't have the desire to go there either. The economy of the world had collapsed and most of the people were in grinding poverty.
As I lay down on the cushions, someone says "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

And I woke up.

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