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Oh, the blood, the BLOOD!

Wheee! Open head wound! Playing basketball today, on the last play of the last game, I get hit in the head, just above and to the right of my left eye with someone’s elbow and I bled like a pro-wrestler getting hit in the head with a steel chair. Just tore the skin open, but the blood! Took quite awhile to stop too. I was still oozing a bit when I got home and changed the bandage. I put on a little Neosporin, we’ll see how it is in the morning.

Watched last Thursday’s CSI a few minutes ago. It was all about furries, so very strange. Good episode though, all about the detective work. Did some neat special effects with frozen blood spatter in the other story line.

Also watched Gilmore and they had the town participate in this “Living Art” festival where they redo famous paintings and statues with live actors. They said it was and annual event, 30 or 40 years old and a Connecticut festival. I wonder if it is real. I hope so, it was really neat.

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