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Where'd my weekend go?

I really didn't end up doing much with my weekend at all. I drove inochinoakari to and from work twice, played video games, read comics and books, napped and watched movies. Yesterday inochinoakari was home and kaisilverwolf and aidosaur came over. We had lunch, watched some messed up flash shows and a Bride and Prejudice. We saw the English version and I think maybe we should have gotten the Hindi version with subtitles.

I watched Men in Black II Saturady night, amusing, mindless fluff.
I watched Zoolander Sunday night. I already posted about this, but am still pleased I got it for only $9.99
I watched Bride & Prejudice last night as I mentioned above. It was good and I was amused to see Alexis Bledel (aka Rory Gilmore) in the movie. Not as amused as I was by Gary Shandling appeaing in Zoolander, but amused nonetheless.
It was nice having the place to myself much of the weekend. It was also nice having everyone over yesterday. emmalyon and joncwriter, if you want to see Bride & Prejudice tonight, let me know. I'm returning it tomorrow.

Fun thing to do today: While walking down whatever corridor you happen to be walking down, see if you can blink fast enough to create a strobe effect.

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