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Saturday was indeed a day to behold. hagbardc, his wife Stephanie, Pete, his son Matt and I all met at my place at 8:00 AM and piled in the pathfinder for a trip to Reading, PA and the WWII airshow. It is something of a long drive to attempt with a 2.5 year old, but he was remarkably well behaved. Every so often Matt would say "Out?", Pete would reply "Soon Matt" and Matt would accept this for 15 to 20 minutes. I'm sure having his Uncle Richie next to him entertaining him helped this enormously.

The trip there was fairly uneventful. We discovered that the Pest of the Month is Earwigs and saw most of the landmarks we've grown to be amused by on the way out, like the Velodrome and Virginville. Passing Virginville led to the theoretical pickup line "Hey baby, wanna move out of town?". On the way back we saw perennial favorite: Resurrection cemetery. Some landmarks were missing. The Israeli Combat Training Center appears to be gone, despite our looking for it on both legs of the trip.
The WWII airshow was great fun despite the early rain and later heat. Pete and I remembered our sunblock so there wasn't a repeat of Lobster-Men-Attack and the rain wasn't heavy enough to get anything really wet. Pete, Rich and I took turns carrying or walking with Matt and he really seemed to enjoy himself. The two big moments of the day for him were getting to sit on the 1940s SeaBee Bulldozer and watching the fighter plane do loop-the-loops. The latter caused MUCH giggling and "wow"ing.

After the airshow, we headed to the Giant Hobby Store, pausing to take a picture of Rtrockel pointing at the Pest of the Month sign. Matt once again was in heaven. He loves these stores and was running about gleefully. Rrtockel and I heard "choo-choo" more times than ever before. Matt was fascinated by the enormous number of trains they have there. He also had fun stacking and re-stacking the 4 boxed die-cast fire engines he found.

When we were done there it was time for dinner, so we drove through NJ on minor highways to the Black Forest Inn. This is a pricey German restaurant I hadn't been to since HS. Everyone was looking forward to German food, but we happened to arrive on Lobster Weekend. Most of the German food had been pushed off the menu by shellfish. We still were able to have Sauerbrauten and Weiner Schnitzel, though I had Beef Strougenoff which is Russian. I did have a lovely Potato Leek Cream soup and some fine Apple Struedel to round out the meal. I tried some of Pete's cheesecake and was so impressed I got a piece to take home for urnesha who came out to visit the following day.

By the time we arrived at the restaurant, Matt had fallen asleep. We laid him down on the booth seat we were sitting on after he fell asleep sitting up and he passed the entire meal in blissful slumber, clutching Stephanie's ass. We transferred him to my car and then Pete's car and he never woke up once.

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