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I've been thinking about not buying comics anymore. On average, spread out over a year, I think I spend around $2,600 on comics. This is much. Couple this with my annoyance at the comic store and my decreasing enjoyment of reading them and I'm not sure what to do. I cut out all the Superman titles earlier this year because the writing was just miserable. Batman's writers seem adrift, I try new series and have yet to be taken with one. All I'm really looking forward to these days are the new Legion issues, Fables and Lucifer. Marvel hasn't exactly been good lately, I think they've stopped the one title I liked: Exiles. DC in general has been annoying me by bringing characters back from the dead. This was something I'd always liked about DC, Green Arrow is dead? Well, he's dead. There may be another Green Arrow, but the original is dead. Now they brought him back thanks to a crappy writer insisting on it and then bailing before the series hit 6 issues. Now they've brought back Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. Feh. There are evidently no consequences in dying and no sacifice to be made. They just killed Ted Kord, but I doubt they'll leave him dead for long. How long before the Crimson Avenger comes back to life? They killed him, they must be about to bring him back!
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