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Last Weekend

Yes, it is Wednesday. Yes, I’m posting about the weekend. So I have a little lag time.

Saturday's big event was going to the dump. Wait, that's not right. Saturday's big event was going to Pete's house, sans emmalyon because she thought she might have a cold so, like Michelle she would have been exiled to the out of doors to be attacked by green things with wings. hagbardc and Stephanie also came over and we played games. Ah, games. We played Cave Troll and Age of Mythology. Cave Troll was more for pre-dinner fun and was an amusing D&D style board game. Age of Mythology had many great mythology based army men. The one drawback is that there are only 3 cultures: Greek, Scandinavian and Egyptian. I'm hoping there'll be an expansion, but the current expansion is only more of the same for more players. It is a great deal of fun though and I recommend playing it to most anyone reading this.

Dinner was amazing. Pete and I went to a local Polish Deli that was so authentic everyone there but Pete and I were speaking Polish. The Deli is called the Golden Eagle and there’s an eagle on the sign. Pete promptly said "This must be it, there's a big Polish-Birdy-Thingie on the sign" so now all eagles are big polish-birdy-thingies. When we entered the deli we saw a dozen different types of sausage hanging from the ceiling and immediately realized we were in trouble. Pete said we should just order Kielbasa because we know what it is.

We tried to order it and the woman behind the counter looked sternly at us and said "What Kind?! There is Pork or Pork and Veal." Pete, being the braver of the two of us said "Uh, we’ll take one of each." The woman grabbed a big, doubled-over Kielbasa from a hook, held it out at us and said "This is one!" So Pete said timidly "We'll take half of each..." So we got half of each kind which was still 2 lbs of Kielbasa, two packs of Pirogues: one potato and onion, one potato and cheese, a huge bottle of sauerkraut, two brands of Poppy-Seed bread and some European Rye. We took it back to Pete's and I cooked! I think Keiko was happy about that. It was truly a delicious dinner and much fun.

Sunday was a day with emmalyon. She, Stephanie, Pete, Keiko, Matthew (the son of Pete & Keiko) and I went into NYC to go to an antique show/flea market on the indoor piers. It was loads of fun, but we spent far more time than I thought we would in the city. We were there from 11 to 5. I managed to not spend anything, but Pete bought a bar. He got a cool, semi-circle green Formica, green upholstered bar with two stools, but sadly though the dealer delivered it to Pete, we'll have to take it apart to get it downstairs into the basement. Also has two matching stools. It is indeed excellent.

We saw tons of great stuff there and I drank the most expensive 20 oz. bottle of diet coke I’ve ever had ($3). It was tempting to buy quite a few things, but fortunately everything was expensive. There was a sign-in desk from a hotel from the 1930s that I wanted, but it was $3,500. That's more than I want to spend on decorative furniture. It was almost three times the price of Pete’s bar, including delivery of the bar.

Matthew was great fun both days, happy, perky, well behaved and interested in everything around him. He liked walking around a bit at the show and I got to take care of him for a little while on both days. Saturday with rtrockel and Stephanie while Pete & Keiko went to see a priest about the upcoming baptism, Sunday while people were looking at things at the auction. I like being an uncle.

Speaking of which, Jason (my brother) brought Zoë (his daughter) to work last week and she didn’t hide from me! In fact, after Jason and I took her to the snack machines the first time, she wanted me to take her the second time without Jason. The rest of the day she wanted to play with me and Jason, so progress has been made.

Since I'm updating about kids, not too long ago I visited garrity and family in their new digs. I think I posted about that trip here. If not, I'll check for it and post something later. If I have, apparently I repeat my stories all the time anyway so... On this theme, their wonderful daughter made me feel quite welcome, asking me to read to her, play with her and to move in because I'm apparently lots of fun.

And to wrap this up, I'm really looking forward to getting to go and see Julian again, the wonderful child of Ali and head58. I haven't seen him in awhile and I love seeing what he's learned since the last time. Hopefully I'll get to visit in December. Ah, uncledom.

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