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Odd morning and antoher tidbit

I dropped off my car this morning at Midas to have some work done and rented a car for the day, maybe for tomorrow too. It is a PT Cruiser, what a mediocre car. The worst part was when I got to the toll booth and couldn't figure out how to roll down the window. I looked at the door, but there wasn't any control that could possibly roll down the window. Door lock & handle, that's it. I had to open the door to pay the toll. After I got through, I found the controls, they're in the MIDDLE of the dash. What a stupid place for window controls.

I was cheered up when I saw a bumper sticker that said "I'm not speeding, I'm qualifying". Sadly, the driver wouldn't have qualified either.

There is a really creepy billboard on Rt 33. It has a picture of a woman backpacking with the caption "You dont have to be alone". I figure dating service or maybe some stupid religious ad. It was an ad for a GUNS & AMMO SHOP!! So what's the message here? Lonely? Get a gun and kidnap a woman! She'll do whatever you like as long as you keep one of these babies pointed at her. Force people to like you!

I forgot to mention that while we were at the airshow, Matt wasn't content to just look at the airplanes. He licked two of them: one propeller, one tail. When he licked the propeller I thought he was just looking at his reflection and getting closer and closer the way kids do, but then he stuck out his tongue and licked it! I guess he's had his first taste of flying.

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