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For a morning where I get stuck in 1/2 hour of traffic 2 miles from my job, this is a strangely pleasing morning. I'm in a really good mood and I have no idea why. OK, I have some idea why. New Aquabats Album! Listening to it made for quite the pleasant ride! I was only 1/2 hour late, but had planned to stay until 5 anyway! Exclamation Points!! Now, Stand Back for your own safety!

I found out last night that hagbardc's favorite "accidentally" found web site is no more. It is now but a link page.

Also, free Tastycake cream filled chocolate crumpets this morning. There's a slot on the vending machine that gives you $1 change for $1 when you select it so you get your cake and your money back.

I intend to have the Gail-mas cd done by the Aquabats show. Lets see if it happens.

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