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Past Week

Weekends are often best updated about several days later. Really!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the women at Mt. Holyoke. inochinoakari, kaisilverwolf and qahawthorne and I didn’t do much, we went to the mall, ate Indian food and at The Pub in Amherst and just hung out. It was nice. I also got to meet the wonderful urnesha! Evidently the others are amused by the way we interact : -) Oh, and we went to The Odyssey Bookshop, which I hadn’t been to before. I spent too much money despite intending to get just one thing. And inochinoakari tried to give me a discount card, but I screwed it up. Ah well. It is always so nice to get to visit them and the old college area.

Tuesday I walked to work. This wasn’t the best idea, but wasn’t the worst either. It is 5 miles each way. Walking there wasn’t bad after I changed into my sneakers, but I was pretty exhausted by the time I got home. Perhaps it was that I also played basketball at lunchtime. I ended up getting 3.5 hours of exercise and my right foot still hurts. Such fun.

As I walked into the men’s room at work the other day, I was thinking about how strange it is that so many men spit into the urinal before they pee. I mention this because I’m hoping some of the women on lj can answer my question: do women do this? Not in a urinal, of course, but do they?

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