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Because I feel like pontificating

Daniel Schorr had a commentary on NPR tonight on All Things Considered where he conflated the Plume investigation and Watergate. He's wrong. He also conflated Jayson Blair and Dan Rather. This is also wrong and makes you wonder if Schorr hasn't actually paid attention to more than headlines or is growing senile. I'd hate to think he's just shilling for the Right now. Here's the message I sent NPR.

Daniel Schorr is wrong in his commentary about Judith Miller and the other reporters. He stated that had Nixon been able to subpoena Woodward and Bernstien the public would have been harmed, and they would. However, this is not a case of defending the public and whistleblowers against a corrupt government. This is a case of the government using the press as a tool in its corrupt endangerment of covert CIA operatvies for political gains. It is more akin to a reporter publishing the threats of a serial killer against a specific individual and then refusing to name the killer. By all means, go to jail to protect a whistleblower or other source that is seeking the public good. Do not seek to extend that same protection to politicians that seek to use the press to further their shady political goals and harm the country in the process.

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