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The Ekpyrotic Universe

A Stupid-Ass, Backpack Copying Freak

Lynx, Destroyer of Worlds (with Science!)
2 April 1968
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Never before has so much been said about so little. I like to set difficult goals like this and then ignore them. With a degree in history and a professional career in computing, I feel well prepared to write about music, games, comics, SF and other equally related topics.
Born in Narnia, I later emigrated to medieval Mars where I served an internship with John Carter. Having mastered thoat riding and achieving the title Warlord second class, I moved on to mining in the asteroid belt with Louis Wu, making my first fortune. I unfortunately wasted it in a bad investment with D. D. Harriman. I thought he wanted to go to the moon, not buy it. I made my second fortune in music, starting by producing the third album by the Vapors and going on to convince Julie Schwartz to quit editing comics and record the classic songs "Who is this Bat-Man?" and "When Giffen draws my heart, I can't help but hemorrhage." Sadly, I blew this fortune as well by investing heavily in Girl's Life magazine and Avalon Hill. My current fortune was made in Nuclear Fusion and later, warp technology. My plans for the future include piloting small warp capable ships to new frontiers, I was test pilot after all for Ferris Aviation, continuing in my band Jimmy Carter Says Yes, commanding a small regiment for Germany in the East in the Great War and ruling Poland for several years in the mid 1500s. I really think I can turn the country around.